Built for Students. By Students.

A 21st Century Mentorship Program

The 100k Mentor App eliminates the constraints of traditional mentorship programs like in-person meetings & local connections, allowing companies to engage talent through a scalable, virtual and national model. Now a mentor’s impact and expertise can support students across the country and go wherever it is needed most. Anytime. Anywhere.

We’ve Rethought the Entire Mentorship Experience to Make it Scalable, Virtual, and Automated

Easy to Manage Thanks to Automated Mentor Matching

Our algorithms match employees with students based on shared characteristics such as career goals, personality and expertise to ensure a good fit. The entire process is automated and self-managed, making it a turn-key solution.

A Guided Mentorship Program

A major reason mentorships fail is because they lack structure. To address this issue, the app includes guides covering in-demand topics along with tasks students can complete between sessions, laying a foundation for the relationship to thrive.

‘Seasons’ Keep The Connections Fresh & Engaging

After every 4 month Season, mentors can take on new mentee(s), enabling your company to continue to build connections with potential recruits and keep employees engaged with additional students.