The 100k Mentor Program Advocate Pledge

I commit to the 100k Mentor Challenge to support and mentor college students during this difficult time. I will offer my experiences and guidance to my mentee to help them continue to develop as a young professional.

To reach our goal, we will:

  1. Acknowledgingcollege students are at risk of being left behind, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds who will continue to find themselves seriously disadvantaged compared to their peers.

  2. Embracingbeing the solution as professionals from all industries and career stages can have an incredible impact on students.

  3. Activatingtheir network of colleagues, friends, and family to make a difference by joining the 100k Mentor Challenge.

  4. Commiting1 hour per month to a mentee for at least 4 months.

  5. Reflectingon and sharing their professional journey with their mentee including the ups and downs and how they overcame obstacles.

  6. Rebuildingthe devastated student networks and support systems in new ways that are more resilient to sudden shocks.

  7. Achievingsuccess by reducing feelings of isolation and uncertainty while building a positive relationship with their mentee and helping them move forward in their professional journey.


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Program Principals

Do More For Our Students

The 100k Mentors Challenge is a unique program that allows companies to build bridges to students who need guidance and come from underrepresented backgrounds. Through the program, your company becomes the solution, opening opportunities to incredibly talented people no matter where they come from. It also completely transforms and digitizes how a company builds relationships with their future workforce in this Coronavirus era. All this is done at scale, in a flexible and turnkey way.