Enhance a Student’s Access to Guidance, Advice and Perspectives

Preventing a Lost Generation

The coronavirus will devastate on campus recruiting this year. These events and the subsequent opportunities that come from these interactions are critical to ensuring students have access to the networks they need to secure their first jobs. Without these networks, the risk of becoming underemployed is high, especially for those who come from underserved backgrounds.

As a mentor, you can ensure this does not happen. By connecting professionals with students, we can rebuild these networks and ensure we do not have a lost generation. And given these unprecedented times, it is one of the few solutions that can be done at scale and on a virtual basis, ensuring the help can get to where it is needed most.

Are you ready to help the next generation thrive?

Help the Next Generation & Gain New Perspectives

Be part of the positive social change this country needs. Through the 100k Mentor Challenge you are gauranteed to have an impact on the next generation. And mentorship is not a one way street either. Gain new perspectives that you can bring to your own job and learn to how to effectivelty communicate with Gen Z.

Work with smart, ambitious talent

All mentees are screened to ensure they are motivated and want to learn. They also take a pledge to be prepared for each session to ensure they’re here because they want to succeed and improve under your guidance.

A Schedule That Fits Your Life

We know life is hectic. Engage at your pace with a program that flexibly adjusts to and accounts for your schedule. We have also built a series of guides to ensure you do not have to spend a lot of time prepping or worrying about what to talk about. To have an impact only requires that you connect with your mentee for one hour a month.

Hit the ground running with our suite of features & tools

We’ve designed our platform so you can have an immediate impact. From in-app chat and scheduling to comprehensive mentor/mentee guides and more, we’re constantly updating the features to ensure you can engage in new and meaningful ways with your mentees.

Quick. Easy. Mobile.

Companies are rescinding internships & full time offers. As a mentor, you can help students rebuild their networks and guide them to their first job.

Registering is Simple

Just download the 100k Mentor App and complete your profile to help us match you with your ideal mentee.

Decide Where You Can Help

Based on your experience and preferences, you decide the areas where to help and support students.

Match With Prepared Mentees

After registering, we match you to a student whose professional aspirations align with your expertise. To ensure the highest chances of success, mentees take a pledge to come prepared to meetings and are provided a quick start guide so you can get started right away.

A Unique Program That is a Win-Win-Win

Univeristy Students
and Scholars

  • Connect with professionals in the industry you want to join after school

  • Learn what it takes to succeed in the professional world

  • Learn what it takes to succeed in the professional world


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    Take action against systemic inequality and ensure we do not have a lost generation

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    Develop new perspectives you can bring back to your organization

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    Learn how to effectively communicate with the next generation

Companies and

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    Create a channel to engage your workforce for positive social change

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    Showcase your culture and values to your the next generation of employees

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    Attract, identify and engage top candidates at scale