100k Mentors: Helping Students Build Professional Networks In a Work From Home World

The entire process around how a student connects to professionals needs to be rethought in the COVID era. We're here to help.

How Students Get Their Jobs Will Change Dramatically

Without in-person internships and on-campus events that provided a way for underserved students to build networks, their ability to secure full time employment after school is limited. The 100k Mentor Program rebuilds these networks in a digital way and through these one-on-one relationships helps students secure their futures.

How Does it Work?

Students Register

We learn about what you want to achieve through the program

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We match you with 5 potential mentors

Start the Mentorship

You and your mentor are connected for a 4-month guided program

With Just One Hour A Month, A Mentor Can Change a Student’s Life

“Over the last 4 months, my mentor helped me identify my career path and really taught me how to network. It changed my perspective on how to get my next job.”

Sarai Flores, Penn State University

100k Mentor's Program Participant

Powerful Software Built For Students By Students

Structured Career Guidance & Advice

The 100k Mentors program connects professionals from companies across the country with students from underrepresented backgrounds to act as virtual mentors. The mentorships are guided through the app’s various Paths, which are structured sessions that ensure both parties are prepared and successful.

Diversify Your Students’ Exposure

The 100k Mentor Program allows a university to expand beyond their own alumni network and offer its students connections to thousands of professionals. When combined with the university’s alumni, these relationships will be a powerful support tool to help students secure their first jobs.

Supports Students in a Variety of Fields & Interests

The 100k Mentor program is not limited by geography or any particular industry. Students will have the opportunity to interact with professionals across the country and in a variety of different industries. This program is built to give students the space to explore. Once they have identified their next destination, the program allows them to actively cultivate a network of professionals who can help guide them towards their goal.

A Unique Program That is a Win-Win-Win

Univeristy Students
and Scholars

  • Connect with professionals in the industry you want to join after school

  • Learn what it takes to succeed in the professional world

  • Learn what it takes to succeed in the professional world


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    Take action against systemic inequality and ensure we do not have a lost generation

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    Develop new perspectives you can bring back to your organization

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    Learn how to effectively communicate with the next generation

Universities and

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    Support your students from underserved backgrounds to find their first jobs

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    Build relationships with employers who do not typically recruit on campus

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    Magnify the ability of career center to support students