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Mentoring future leaders helps develop future workforces, and also helps engage our company's associates

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How Baker Hughes partnered with ProMazo for the 100k Mentor Challenge

Here's how we build a unique mentorship program for your organization

It all begins with a roll out plan

We sit down with leaders ranging from HR to Talent Acquisition and D&I to understand the best way to partner with your company.

Where do the students come from?

The students come from different underrepresented communities (women, people of color, LGBTQ+, veterans, first generation college students, community college students, and those with disabilities from the across the country.

What is a student portfolio?

Your custom portfolio is selected based on 25 different variables. Your portfolio represents the students who we feel you can help the most.

How much does it cost?

The program is completely free for mentors and mentees. However we do ask that you consider a sponsorship so that we can continue to expand our program and sustain it for the long term.

John Tarell, USC

We connect mentors to students from diverse backgrounds

Arneil Farsh, Howard University

Alicia Ramirez, UC Berkeley



Our national student pool comes from a diverse array of backgrounds, majors, and professional aspirations.


Club Partnerships

We built a national coalition of student clubs and organizations to build our mentee network.



Employees are connected to a student that matches their background, profession, and interests. A mentor can have up to five mentees a Season.

Lambs Tao, NYU

Tatianna Keller, MIT

What is the profile of an ideal mentor?

We want to bring mentors of all experience levels and backgrounds. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate people to bring into the program.

What is the length of a mentorship?

The match is for four months. We call the period where a mentor is connected to a mentee a Season.

What are the commitments?

We only ask that you help us spread the word through your company. We'll take care of everything else! Also we understand professionals are busy, we we only require that they meet with their mentee once a month.

Justin Hoper, Northwestern University

Guide your mentees over a four month Season, meeting once per month

Students provide feedback

Mentees give unprecidented insight into how they view the opportunities at your company as well as the communication and leadership skills of their mentors.

Give feeback and advice

Teach the next generation how to successfully take their first steps and jump start their professional career.

Reimagine how you recruit in today's virtual age

Have an Immediate Impact

I had never considered working in the energy industry with my focus on sustainability, but after talking with my mentor I realized how many sustainable energy opportunities existed within Baker Hughes.

Anton S.

What happens at the end of a Season?

At the end of a Season, mentors and mentees have the option of continuing with each other or requesting another match.

What if mentors are too busy next Season?

We know work at companies is often seasonal so we allow for mentors to take a Season or two off if their life gets to busy.

Can we recruit students from the program?

Yes. We see this as a new way for companies to engage and recruit students from underrepresented backgrounds.

Along the way your company will build 1,000's of connections with our diverse community...

Learn how your company can make an impact while recruiting the next generation of leaders