Get the Guidance You Need in This Turbulent Time

Companies are rescinding internships & full time offers. A Mentor can help you build a network and guide you to your first job.

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Get the practical guidance you need to stand out in today’s job market. Connect 1-on-1 with a professional in your field for four months. Entirely remote. Always free.

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“Over the last 4 months, my mentor helped me identify my career path and really taught me how to network. It changed my perspective on how to get my next job.”

Sarai Flores, Penn State University

100k Mentor's Program Participant

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A 21st Century Mentorship Program Connecting You With Professionals Across the Country

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Our Mentors are drawn from a variety of industries and fields. Whether you have no idea where you want to go or you have identified your top 5 firms, our mentors will give you the advice you need to successfully transition from college to the professional world.

Build Your Networks & Establish Connections

We help you build lifelong relationships with professionals in your field. Through the 100k Program you will not only get guidance and support, but every 4 months you will have the option to switch mentors so you can get a variety of perspectives and connections.

A Schedule That Fits Your Life

We know life is hectic. Engage at your pace with a program that flexibly adjusts to and accounts for your schedule. We have also built a series of guides to ensure your time spent with your mentor is impactful and helpful to your career search.

A Unique Program That is a Win-Win-Win

Univeristy Students
and Scholars

  • Connect with professionals in the industry you want to join after school

  • Learn what it takes to succeed in the professional world

  • Learn what it takes to succeed in the professional world


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    Take action against systemic inequality and ensure we do not have a lost generation

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    Develop new perspectives you can bring back to your organization

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    Learn how to effectively communicate with the next generation

Companies and

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    Create a channel to engage your workforce for positive social change

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    Showcase your culture and values to your the next generation of employees

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    Attract, identify and engage top candidates at scale